Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Benzo Book

"Are you−−or is someone you care about−−taking tranquilizers or sleeping pills? You could be at risk of addiction without even knowing it. "Benzos" are the most commonly prescribed tranquilizers and sleeping pills, in use by millions of people. Doctors prescribe these drugs routinely without ever warning patients that regular use may cause a dangerous dependency. For many people, benzos are much harder to quit than heroin, cocaine, crack and other illegal substances, even though taken under a physician's supervision..." - Jack Hobson-Dupont

See "The Benzo Book" on Amazon to safely get off benzodiazepines. I am not a doctor, but I can tell you that I've been on benzos for years and it's very dangerous getting off them suddenly. Any sane doctor will tell you that. They will not always tell you how to get off them. Many people I know have been told six weeks is ample time to get off the mediction. Please, read this book and go to the other links on my blog for more information. Watch the videos and get acquainted with what is really going on with your body and brain. If you are a friend or relative of someone suffering with benzodiazepines, one thing I would like to say, be patient! It's a long, difficult journey and most people don't want to help people who are stuck on benzos. Also, get educated yourself so you know how to help your friend, sister, daughter, father... it's a lonely, scary place to be for a long, long time.

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