Thursday, November 12, 2009

010 Help with Anxiety, Insomnia, and Klonopin Withdrawals - Seriphos

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November 12, 2009

Going back over my conversation with Dr. Andrew Neville with the Clymer Healing Center which took place on November 3, I wanted to make note here of how the Seriphos is supposed to help me with insomnia, anxiety, and hopefully even the detoxing of the Klonopin. Right now, my body is only able to handle 3% cuts of the Klonopin every 14 days (and that's pushing it!) which will take another 12 months or so. If there's anything to help me get off this horrific drug, I will be grateful! It's so difficult knowing I have to put a benzodiazepine in my body so that I won't have seizures, or possibly die, yet it's a serious toxin! If you've never been on a psychotropic drug and don't understand the seriousness of it, imagine knowing you must drink a teaspoon of bleach ever day for three years so that you won't be in serious withdrawals, yet at the same time, you know that the bleach is also making you very sick. Add on top of that some people who might call you a bleach junkie! A bleach junkie... ha! Now that was kind of funny, you have to admit!

So, here's what the doctor said to me:

Doc: Your cortisol levels should never be going up through the day. If they are going up, that means there's stimulation either from within or external stimulation. Your body is ramping up, so just the elevation, though your 4:00pm is not overly high, can cause the same anxiety and heart palpitaitons as well as theat evening cortisol being too high that will feed the insomnia. So we have to settle that down and there's some things that we can do to help to balance this out especially with the elevated leves of cortisol. Seriphos is good for elevated cortisol and adrenaline. It's the elevation of cortisol and adrenaline which often contributes to the insomnia. There's a couple other reasons why people won't sleep, but that's the primary one that I find. So because the Seriphos helps with controlling excess cortisol and adrenaline, it helps with things like insomnia, anxiety, palipitaions, the stress responses. Some people will take it if they are going out throughout their day and they are just overwhelmed, overstressed, they can take a little bit during the day and it takes the edge off. Anything that takes the edge off is going ot be useful. It has a calming, quieting effect.

Me: Will my body get addicted to it though?

Doc: No. And I often use the Seriphos to help people with regard to the Klonopin and to help reduce the need for Klonopin and maybe it will ease the transition off of it.

I am supposed to start the Seriphos (a natural product containing only Phosphorylated Serine and Ethanolamine) after we get another product figured out (an adrenal glandular product), but my system is so sensitive right now that the Mil Adregen that the doctor wants me to switch to from the Isocort is causing severe anxiety and all sorts of reactions. I'm sure it's fine for most people as I've read up on this product, but for me, so far, my body cannot tolerate it yet. We are working on small doses this coming week and then I can try the Seriphos! I'll see if the heart palpitations, anxiety, panic attacks, and insomia go away or at least lessen! Wouldn't that be wonderful? Apparently it needs to really be monitored because it's dealing with the HP Axis and sometimes people need less, sometimes much more, and sometimes it doesn't work for the person.

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