Monday, October 19, 2009

002 Began Licorice Root Powder

October 19, 2009

I finished my ASI Test as of late last night and began drinking my Licorice Root Powder which I got from the Clymer Healing Center. When checking out the insert that came with the Licorice Root Powder, I read this:
People with adrenal insufficiency generally do not retain enough sodium and have
an excess of potassium. The licorice extract inhibits 11 beta hydroxysterioud
dehydrogenase (11-BHOD) in the kidneys. 11-BHOD is the enzyme that inactivates
cortisol and allows cortisol access to the mineralcorticoid receptors triggering
and increased retention of sodium and a lowering of potassium. This action
brings a person with adrenal insufficiencey into sodium/potassium balance.
Therefore, a potassium supplement is not needed or recommened. The increased
sodium causes the body to conserve water, which quickly increases our overall
blood volume. Increased blood volume indirectly increases blood pressure by
increasing the efficiency of the heart.

Now that is interesting! I'm sure if you are reading this and do not have CFS, you are thinking, "yeah, sure Tamara, real interesting!" Oh, it is, believe me. I've had low blood pressure all my life. I've even passed out from it when I was younger. Upon standing, I've been lightheaded all my life (no jokes about my head now!).

And salt. Oh salt! I can't get enough salt. Dr. Neville told me to continue salting everything I eat along with drinking 1/4 tsp. of salt twice daily. Yuck, right? No, when someone craves a nutrient, there's a reason and I crave salt because I lose so much of it from the aldosterone problems.

I don't use regular white table salt which is just sodium chloride stripped of its natural trace minerals and a bunch of iodine added to it. I have been using sea salt for about two years now which has 50+ trace minerals which are all natural and benefit every human needs. One of the best books I could ever recommend reading (and I read a lot of books!) is Salt: Your Way to Health by David Brownstein, M.D. Once I understood what this Dr. Brownstein is trying to get across to the average person like me and his medical friends about why the body needs salt (and not the sodium chloride on our dinner tables!) and using it, I started getting a little more energy and less heart palpitations. I asked my doctor if the reason for less heart palpitations is due to the sea salt helping my thyroid. He said it is not that, but because I'm constantly fighting dehydration due to the low aldosterone which is common in CFS patients no matter how much water I drink daily. I drink a lot of water and yet I'm thirsty throughout the day anyhow. I don't drink coffee or soda or any other thing that would cause me to lose water. Since I've been using so much sea salt, I don't get lightheaded anymore and I'm starting to become hydrated.

I found a couple links about Licorice Root other than the one I noted above. One is from The National Cancer Institute about Prostate Cancer in which the article mentions that Licorice Root may slow the growth of tumor cells.

Another interesting find is that a study published in the March/April 2008 issue of General Dentistry found that Licorice Root can help with canker sores which is something I suffered with most of my childhood through teen years so badly, I could hardly eat or drink anything because my mouth was full of them. I haven't had one in years though.

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Coram Deo,
Tamara Slack


Mindy said...

not to mention it is naturally sweet! it is sooo yummy. i enjoy having it after dinner.

tamara- i get mine wherever i can find it. :) i know gnc carries it. healthfood stores carry it. my local grocer does NOT. i don't know about it causing an energy spike at night. but i tend to sip it throughout the day like so: i use a fresh tea bag after dinner for a couple glasses as the night winds down. i trust that it is balancing out my cortisol so i can sleep better... then i let the same tea bag steep in half a cup of water overnight. don't want to waste a drop! so in the morning, i just add more water and continue to sip from last night's bag until the flavor diminishes. then at night, i'll start a new bag.

price: my most recent box came from a healthfood store. i got 30 large bags (bigger than gnc's) for $6.


Drivin'Dana said...

Hello, ladies! I can't wait to hear how you both continue to improve with what you are learning!

Grace Abounds said...

I don't know why my comment name comes up as Grace Abounds no matter which blog I'm on. Grace Abounds is from my other blog. Anyway, it's me! Tamara! :o)

Mindy - I was told to only drink the Licorice Root in the morning because it will give me energy, and it did that! I didn't feel well yesterday when I posted this, but in me I could feel energy. I guess it's bringing my cortisol up? I'm going to go look up what other people do about drinking it at other times, or sipping through the day to see what it does. That would be interesting to have energy throughout the day. Well in any case, wish we could be sippin' Licorice Tea together :)

Dana - THANKS!!! I know you pray for us and I really thank you for that.